The need for an aesthetically appealing smile and care has been gaining an increasingly important place in our society. Some people no longer have in their dental structure the minimum requirements required for sustainable dental rehabilitation. In these cases, the placement of dental implants is a comfortable, durable and safe solution, giving you an even more beautiful smile.

The fixed complete denture also avoids the disadvantages associated with removable dentures, such as discomfort during meals and problems related to the retention of the denture in the mouth.

Genesis Dental Clinics has been working hard in this area, presenting different solutions adapted to each situation. All cases are planned using a detailed photographic record, a study and a digital prototype are carried out, allowing the patient to foresee the result of the treatment.

In some cases, using the so-called “Immediate Charge” technique, it is possible to enter our clinic and leave the same day with a renewed smile.