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A new era in the approach to Dentistry in Portugal.

The Genesis Dental Clinics gives rise to a new era in the way of understanding and approaching dental medicine in Portugal. We have professionals specialized in different areas of dentistry, pointing in a single direction, the Excellence of our service. We work under a concept of excellence, in which the patient is accompanied by a team of specialists who coordinate with each other in order to diagnose and respond to all treatment needs.

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Our multidisciplinary team is made up of specialized professionals who have the most advanced technology in the field of dentistry at their disposal.

The objective of Genesis Dental Clinics is to carry out a rigorous diagnosis and draw up together with the patient an integral treatment plan, adjusted to the needs and covering all areas of intervention. In a high standard of demand, we are recognized for the constant innovation and quality of the service provided. The differentiation of our facilities is just a reflection of our dedication to meeting the needs of our patients.
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